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Upcoming Events

(Must be 21+. ID is required. Dress code is strictly enforced - Not Allowed - baggie pants, baseball-type hats, or Men's tank tops. Allowed - designer hats & dressy tennis shoes.)

May 22, 2015 - Rick Ross

Memorial Day Weekend Kickoff
$60 Pre-Sale

Sabado 23 de Mayo del 2015

Gran Bailazo Del Recuerdo
Solitarios, Los Angeles Negros de Chile, Sonota Santenera, Terriculas
Puertas Abrien 9:00 pm
$30 Pre-Sale

May 27-31, 2015
Las Vegas Latino International Film Festival
Tickets available here:


Sabado 20 de Junio del 2015
Polo Polo
Sonora Dinamita, Imitador Victor Davey Juan
Puertas Abrien 8:00 pm

General Admission - $30 Pre-Sale

VIP Admission - $60 Pre-Sale

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Upcoming Events!